Transfiguration Church, Monongahela PA, Diamond Jubilee Publication 1940 Freely Available Online

Yesterday’s post, Transfiguration Church Through The Years, with 282 views in 24 hours was a pretty popular one. Nothing in that post would have been possible without coming across a physical copy of the Diamond Jubilee publication. It got me thinking, how would I have been able to write such a detailed post about the church’s history without it?


I had stumbled across this amazingly well written resource purely by accident. In addition to church history it has a great section about the history of the Monongahela. It would be one of the first publications that I would recommend to somebody interested in local history.

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Transfiguration Church Through The Years

Anybody living in the Monongahela area is familiar with the beautiful Transfiguration church (now named St. Damien of Molokai) located on West Main Street.  I knew that an earlier church building once stood on this site but I never had seen any pictures of it so I was thrilled to discover this photo of the original structure.

(The black and white photographs in this post and the quotes below were found in the Transfiguration Church Diamond Jubilee booklet of 1940. Click the images to zoom and view a larger version of each photograph.)

The construction of the ‘Old Church” began with the laying of the cornerstone on a rainy Friday, August 10, 1865: Continue reading

I Voted


I’m sure you’ve heard the song “I’m Proud To Be An American” on the radio and down at the aquatorium on the 4th of July. I’ve always found that song baffling because how can you be proud of something that is completely passive? I mean if you aren’t an immigrant, what did you do to become a citizen? It doesn’t make sense to be proud of something didn’t do. Continue reading