Eleven Newspapers Published In Monongahela


Did you know that according to the Library Of Congress (LOC), there have been several newspapers published in Monongahela?.

Here are a few:

  • The Monongahela Expositor And Weekly Chronicle 1811- 18?
  • The Pennsylvanian 1828 – 18??
  • The Monongahela Patriot 1834 – 1835
  • Monongahela Republican 1850 – 1869
  • Monongahela Valley Republican 1869 – 1908
  • The Daily Republican 1881 – 1970
  • The Penney Record 1886 – 18??
  • Democrat – Sentinel 1891 – 1892
  • The Monongahela Push 1892 – 1???
  • The Monongahela Times 1902 – 1918
  • The Daily Herald 1970 – 1986

On the LOC website you will find information for each paper such as alternative titles, geographic coverage, publisher , frequency and random notes.

I found this interesting tidbit: The Monongahela Patriot’s place of publication was listed as Parkinson’s Ferry, Pa as late as 1834.

Help Identify 1912 Monongahela Football Players

1912 Monongahela High School Football Team

1912 Monongahela High School Football Team. Four of the boys pictured died and one was injured within 8 years of this photo because of WW1 (click to enlarge)

A follower posted this picture on the Lost Monongahela Facebook page however she didn’t know the names of anybody in the picture.

I found the following article published in the October 5, 1912 edition of the Monongahela Republican that gives the last names of eleven of them:


Charleroi players were heavier but we beat them with the quickness.

The twelve names listed in the article are Harold Wickerham, R. Wickerham, Kline, Gramley, Davison, Baderschneider, Borland, (Phil?) Scott, Albright, Carmack and Coatsworth. Other articles about the 2012 team also mention Guskea, Boyd and Gramley. I wonder if any descendants of the listed players follow Lost Monongahela. Let me know if you are able to match any of the names with faces in the photo.

What the heck is that in the background?


**UPDATE** Additional info (from the Facebook Page “Growing Up In New Eagle” regarding a few of the players:

  • John Cornelius “Dutch” Gramley joined the Navy, survived the war and became a school teacher
  • Roy Wickerham became an electrical engineer for Westinghouse, an inventor and an author. He lived until 1980.
  • Wilbur Carmack and his family moved to Chico, CA immediately after graduation. He lived until 1977.
  • Robert Bingham Albright survived the war but died of complications after an appendectomy in 1932.
  • Engelbert “Bert” Badenschnieder attended Lehigh University and lived until 1945.
  • Lloyd Wood Borland survived the war, National Guard, and attended Pitt.
  • The coaches are Staib and Crane.
  • Coatsworth, Kline and Boyd were all killed in World War One.
  • Scott and Harold Wickerham were wounded in WW1. Wikerham died of injuries March 16, 1920.

Come Hear About 1890’s Flying Machines And 1970’s Nerf Footballs!


HEADS UP! – Come out to the February meeting of the Monongahela Area Historical Society on Thursday. Scott Frederick, retired teacher from the Ringgold School District will be speaking. His topic will be Monongahela area inventors with particular emphasis on Professor Schick’s flying machine and the Nerf football of Fred Cox.

  • When: February 26, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Where: First Presbyterian Church, 609 Chess St., Monongahela PA

Here is a teaser about Professor Schick especially for Lost Monongahela readers:


I could post more but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Trust me, this will be a fascinating talk. You’ll be amazed this stuff went on back in the day.

Monongahela City Businesses Missing In Action

Two things really baffle me about businesses* in Monongahela:

  1. Half don’t display their address number on the front of their buildings.
  2. Most don’t notify Google to get their locations displayed properly on Google maps.

How is an out-of-town shopper supposed to find them? It’s almost like Monongahela is saying to the rest of the world “Things are fine here, we don’t need your business.”

Look at the small 3 1/2 block snippet below:


Items in red have been added by me.

Only five establishments are listed correctly: Continue reading

January 2015 Monongahela City Council Meeting Notes And Audio File

Click here to listen to an audio file of the city council meeting. Right click and choose “save link as” if you wish to save the audio file to your computer. Comments within [square brackets] are those of Lost Monongahela and are meant for clarification only.

Roll Call

Mayor Bob Kepics – present
Councilman Tomas Caudill, Director of Accounts and Finance – present
Councilman Ken Kulak, Director of Streets and Public Improvements – present
Councilman Bill Hess, Director of Public Safety – present
Councilman Alan Veliky, Director of Parks and Public Property – present

Public Participation Time

  • Mr Necciai spoke about drainage problems on East Main Street. Large chunks of ice (2 feet) are building up during cold weather. The DEP is supposed to come and look at the drain near Lime Street. Surface water and mine water is also running from a vacant house onto the roadway adding to the problem.
  • The problem with mud being tracked out from the scrap yard onto the road has lessened due to the cold weather freezing the ground somewhat.
  • Police cars are being stationed at the exit to the scrap yard and will continue to ticket motorists who track mud out onto the road. Word is getting out that citations are being issued.

Police Report For December 2014

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