Background to WQED’s “A Season to Remember – The Baseball Boys of Mon City.” Monongahela Area’s 1952 Little League and 1954 Pony League teams.

WQED recently filmed a documentary about Monongahela's 1952 Little League World Series finalist team and the 1954 Pony League World Series winning team. The premier broadcast is tonight at 8:00pm on WQED. I believe it will be rebroadcast on Monday and it will be available online at some point. Here is some background information that... Continue Reading →

A Frigid Valentine From 1856

Reminiscent. Editor Daily Republican. - Forty years ago this winter was the longest and coldest winter season within the last half century. The river froze up in December and did not open until March; the ice was about two feet thick and teams could drive on it anywhere with perfect safety. There was good sleighing... Continue Reading →

The Little Tower That Could

My last post was about the railroad tracks being built across East Main Street back in 1899. While doing research for that post I kept coming across all kinds of interesting stories related to the area between First Street and the tracks at Pigeon Creek. In this post I'll discuss why this area was such... Continue Reading →

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