Review of the Monongahela River Buffs Museum

River History Museum in Monongahela PA
River History Museum in Monongahela PA

There is a little museum on 2nd street, between Railroad and Main Streets called the Monongahela River Buffs Museum. It’s been there a few years and I notice the sign occasionally but I’ve never paid a visit. I found a great review about it on Ten Mile Creek Country. There also is a  nice story about it in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I will definitely visit in the near future and post a few pictures here.

The museum is at 175 Second Street, above the Span-Taylor Drug Store and one half block from the river. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday ( April thru November) at 7:00 pm and the facility is open on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month from 1 to 3 Pm. It may also be visited by appointment. Their mailing address is Mon River Buffs Assn. PO Box 401, Monongahela Pa. 15063. They can be reached by email Dues for membership are 5.00 per year.

Here’s and easy way to see when the museum is open from your car on Main St:

open ............................................ closed
open ............................................ closed

Just glance down Second St. toward the river and see if the sign has been extended.

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  1. I went to this museum several years ago with my grandmother and kids when visiting “back home.” If you like history, you will probably like it. It was very simple then, but tons of documents, photos and such about local river history.

    Laura Magone, Ringgold ’78 grad, wrote an article (and hosted a TV show?) about “famous” people from one street in Monongahela. Maybe you can get a copy to include on your web site.


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