Monongahela Main St. Fire – Demolition Delayed?

Main Street Monongahela is still closed today between 2nd and 3rd streets two days after the fire that started in Vocelli’s Pizza.

Monongahela Main Street Still Closed
Monongahela Main Street Still Closed

According to bystanders, this piece of heavy equipment arrived early this morning to start the demolition:

Big Rigs
Big Rigs

One bystander said that the driver was waiting for the road barriers to be removed. As of 2:30 p.m. today the equipment was gone and no demolition had begun. Was there some kind of miscommunication between the authorities?


According to The Pittsburgh Tribune Review, “Because conditions at the scene of Sunday’s fire in Monongahela have been deemed unsafe, it appears the cause of the blaze will remain undetermined.”

Equitable Gas
Equitable Gas

Rumors as to the cause of the explosion have run the gamut between a gas leak and drugs being made at the site but as mentioned above nothing has been confirmed due to the instability of the buildings.

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  1. Indeed 2 fireman were reported to have minor injuries when a ladder from one of the trucks collapsed. Could have been a VERY bad deal, but thankfully everyone treated was released with no serious injuries.

    Our town has lost a really neat building, several business owners have lost their businesses, and several people have lost their homes. THANKFULLY noone lost their lives. I just hope everybody had enough insurance to move on comfortably.


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