Easy Bicycle Route From Monongahela To Bentleyville PA

Riding under Route 43
Riding under route 43

Curious about where Stoggletown is and how it got it’s name? Ever notice the tall brick smoke stack behind Cox’s market and wonder why it was built? Interested in Redds Mill and wonder where it is? If so check out the map below and discover an easy scenic bicycle route following Pigeon Creek from Monongahela to Bentlyville.

You will find only two moderate hills along this route. A person who bicycles occasionally can easily climb them but a beginner might want to push. Total length from the Sheetz Store in Monongahela to the Pilot Truck Stop in Bentleyville is 8 miles.

Click on the icons to view pictures and information of various points of interest along the route. You can zoom in and see a surprising amount of detail. Try clicking on the “+” and “-” signs to zoom in or out. You can also drag the image to move the map around.  Click here to view a larger version of the map.

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