Wearever Donkey Cart by Liggett Spring and Axle Co.

Liggett Spring & Axle Company was located across the river from Monongahela PA in what is currently known as East Monongahela. (Previously known as Axleton and even earlier Carrollton.)  At one time Liggetts was the largest spring and axle manufacturer in the United States. Evidently they made products other than springs and axles:

Liggetts Spring and Axle Wearever Donkey Cart
Liggetts Spring and Axle Wearever Donkey Cart (click image to magnify)

Below is a transcript of the document found with the photograph:

February 2,  1951


The Wearever Donkey Cart shown on Drawing 23252 is an all steel vehicle of very rugged design. The 6.00 by 16 four-ply tires are mounted on an 1-1/21″ square solid steel axle which is heat treated to withstand very heavy loads and rough usage, The steel box which is made of 14 gage .074 steel is heavily reinforced around the top and has a tail gate which has chains and hook for easier loading. The nominal dimensions of the box is 4 ft. wide, 6 ft. long x 12″ high. The bed has been raised 3″ above the axle to allow the cart to run relatively flat when hitched to a donkey. The bed height is approximately 18-1/4 inches above the ground. The shaft center line distance above the ground is approximately 26 inches.

The thills run around under the body and are securely fastened to the axle by U-bolts. This is the finest method of fastening known as all the pulling loads are directly on the axle and not on the body. The thills are extra heavy being made of 3″ high by 1-1/2 flange channels 1/4 inch thick. The use of angle iron for the thills has been strictly avoided because angle irons might buckle and fail under certain load conditions.

The thills being of channels facilitates the satisfactory installation of the wooden shafts by the customer, as the legs of the channel completely support the shafts and take the load off the attaching bolts. The shafts have been purposely omitted for several reasons.

One of these is that the customer can supply them at a cost saving to him in his own locality by reducing freight costs. Another reason is that he can have them fashioned to suit his own particular animal – as to length, width, curve, and to suit his harness.

The thills are uniquely designed so that the distance between them may be altered by the customer by sliding the U-bolts to the desired position and drilling a few new holes in the drawbar and box.

The whole cart is painted ia a suitable pleasing color.

Carts will be shipped knock-down and packed inside of box,   complete with all bolts for assembling.

DONKEY CART (Frame Type)

The Donkey cart shown on Drawing 23253 is a substantial frame suitable for mounting any desired body. The thills and running gear has the same excellent features as shown on our Box type cart #23252 with this type of frame. The customer obtains all the excellent quality of running gear at a minimum of cost and can mount any kind of a stake, box, fiat, cab, panel or other type body he desires. This make a very versatile unit.

Liggett Spring & Axle Company
Monongahela, Pa., U.S.A.


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