Perking Up With Sperky

Sperky Bottling Co., Monongahela
Sperky Bottling Co. Monongahela, Pa.
Sperky Bottling Co. Monongahela, Pa. (reverse)
Sperky Bottling Co. Monongahela, Pa. (reverse)

Ever hear of Sperky Bottling Co. in Monongahela Pa? Well I hadn’t either until today when I came across this Ebay auction. It looks like they marketed a brand of pop (aka “Soda” in primitive areas of the country) called Sperky back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Here are a couple ads I found that were run in The Daily Republican:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.22.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.21.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.18.40 PM

If you remember the Sperky brand why not leave a comment below?

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  1. I lived on Park St in Monongahela (Not Park Ave). Two houses up was an old fellow by the name of Thompson as I recall. He had a bottling plant over on the Avenues section along Decker Street. It was a large wood shed of a building that later became an auto garage. He made bottled drinks in the big shed. Could this be the source of Sperky?


  2. Thanks for commenting George. I’m not sure but I bet it is. I’ll do a little research and see what I can come up with.

    Also, I remember reading somewhere that after prohibition some breweries started making soft drinks. I wonder if Mr. Thompson’s business was in any way related to the old brewery that was in town years ago?


  3. Hi, About five years ago I was working on a renovation project at the National City bldg. in Uniontown, in the ceiling I found 3 empty sperky bottles, I was borne here in 57, but I’d never heard of sperke either. do you know what they sold for on ebay. Thanks. ps these bottels don’t have clowns, one has brown label for root-beer, the other has red for red-pop in likr-new cond. you can call me at 724-797-1770. Merry Cristmas one and all.


  4. I have read there was an old brewery in Mon City, but could never get any confirming info. I recall my grandfather telling me about one in New Eagle. That one was along route 88 after leaving New Eagle and out where the mine went back into the hill as I recall. There was a brick building that I think was by the 50’s abandoned and with a tower on it that I was told had been a brewery. Can you provide more info on a brewery in Mon City?



  5. This bottling company was Spernak Bottling Co. It was located on Park Ave on the right hand side as you turn out from Main St. It was a small brick building next to a large house. The house is still there but the small building is now their parking area. I grew up very close to this area.


  6. In “Jim’s Bar” on main street in Monongahela, there is a “Sperky” beverage cooler under the bar. It’s a floor-type (not a tall, upright) electric model, with the top cover that slides back to access the bottles inside. It’s dark green with a yellow “Sperky” logo and stainless steel lid. I doubt that there is any “Sperky” soda pop still left in it, as it’s now used as a beer refrigerator. And no, it’s not for sale – I already asked.


  7. I am James Spernak, I remember that pop shop well, when I was a kid. Long after the pop shop closed, my brother Bernie and I rented that shop and ran our racecar out of it. We rented it from Mary Spernak the only remaining family member that owned the building, this was in 1967 thru 1970. The last I seen the place was in 1986, it collapsed and the only thing left was a slab floor. This was the real place where Sperky pop was bottled and I still remember the bottling machines when they were running, I was probably 10 years old back then, now I’m 67, just a short story of Spernak Bottling Company from a family member that was their to remember. I now live in Marysville California and have been for the last 42 years.


  8. My name is Martha JuneSpernak Plesher and I am the remaining child of Frank and Mary Spenak who owned sperky bottling co. My father retired from the business in the late ’50s. I have fond memories of the bottling co, the red brick building where soda (pop)was bottled and the city of Monongahela. Today I live in Alexandria, VA.


  9. i found an old sperky soda bottle while digging up my fondation, it is in surprisingly good condition. Does anyone know if it would be worth anything?


  10. I still have an original sperky’s pop bottle, have had it since my brother and I used the pop shop building for our racecar’s in the 60’s. I live in Marysville CA and bin here for past 50 years.


  11. I remember drinking that pop as a kid I also remember the race car being in there. ” Bankrupt”


  12. Also built there was a 37 ford coupe powered by big block ford yellow in color in 1966 I still have that car it’s in dover fl Bernie Spernak


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