Blizzard of 2010

I was too tired to go out and take pictures of the Blizzard of 2010 after getting stuck in Donora, digging my car out twice and then hacking down a tree that fell across rt 837 to get back home to Monongahela. Upon arriving home I then had to remove 20″ of snow from my awnings to keep them from collapsing then shovel and salt the sidewalks (I live on a corner lot) and then finally dig out a place for the car so I could park it! (not to mention sit in front of a propane heater for 2 days waiting for the electric to come back on)

Oh well, time to stop griping and enjoy this terrific video shot just about 2 miles from my house at the Joe Montana bridge at the intersection of rt 88 and rt 43. Folks from around here will recognize the bridge at 3:43 in the video. At least somebody got to enjoy the snow! [edit: you will see a black box when you click the image below. Just click through and you can view the video on the youtube site.]

This intersection is turning into quite a recreational area. Drive by in the summer and you will usually see quads and motorcycles climbing the hill.

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