Updated Links

Added a link to ELDORA PARK AND THE PRCO CHARLEROI INTERURBAN – a great site with information about Eldora Park, a vanished amusement park located just a few miles outside of Monongahela. There are also a few photographs of trolleys passing through Monongahela and New Eagle.


One thought on “Updated Links

  1. Timothy Ezzell June 16, 2017 / 6:41 pm

    Came across your site while attempting to research an old Elgin pocketwatch I’ve just purchased.
    There is an inscription which reads:
    “First aid meet
    Monongahela valley
    coal mining Institute
    Morgantown W. VA
    Sept 8, 1928”

    I cannot seem to locate any more information than this.
    Not even certain it is of any historical significance. It’s just something I’ve discovered.
    I’m an amateur horologist and find joy in restoring and preserving timepieces.
    This is a particularly nice one. (Or rather, will be)



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