I just found an error in my virtual scavenger hunt post of a few days ago. The image link took you to the general Gigapan.org site but not directly to the Gigapan image I created. Sorry about that. Here is a corrected direct link to the image:


There are a few items yet to be discovered:

the third church (St. Paul’s Episcopal and St. Anthony’s have been identified)

the ladder

there are still more rain barrels to be discovered

– the factory


the Hotel Main

a gas lamp

(items which have a “strikethrough” have been found)

I also learned a few things from the people who left comments about the image over at the Gigapan website. Checkout the conversation here:


Happy hunting!

PS: A few of you must have been able to locate the Gigapan image – it is now ranked in the top 50 most interesting Gigapans out of over 30,000 on the Gigapan website. Thanks for your help!

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