Help Identify This Picture, Main Street Monongahela PA


Monongahela City Postcard circa 1940?
Monongahela City postcard circa 1940? (click picture above to enlarge image)


I need help identifying this picture of Main St. Monongahela in a postcard from the 19930’s or 1940’s. Here are a few clues to orient yourself:

  • I believe this picture was taken early in the morning, thus you would be looking south on rt 88 (toward Charleroi)
  • I think the building on the right is where the current First Niagra Bank is located at the corner of 4th and Main Streets, right across the street from where Mc Donald’s is now.
  • Click on the picture to enlarge it and you will see a sign for “Polaski’s News Store”. The small light colored building must have been torn down when the Niagra Bank building was built.
  • I think the large building in the center of the picture is the Alexander Bank at the corner of 3rd and Main Streets. The Alexander Bank was owned by the Alexander family. (Click here to see the old Alexander home)

Can you name or do you have memories of any of the buildings in the picture above?

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  1. I believe building on right is First national bank.Next to it was Pansino cigarette vending repair shop and pinball to Polaski was Inserra barber shop.


  2. you know , I think my dad needs to see this picture. he’s 88 now with a still sharp memory. this photo looks to be early 40’s, war years. problem is I’m in Virginia, but will print this enlarged picture and mail it to him.


  3. The bank that was there when I was growing up was First National bank. I think at some point it became PNB. My uncle Harry Larimer ran the bank and my Aunt Jean Coleman was a teller and then head of the tellers I think.

    I think that down on the corner of 3rd and Main that you can see in the picture was Smaldones Children’s Shop.( the tall lighter colored building.) I’m not sure but I think on top of Smaldone’s was the Grodecour apts.—it may have had a different name.


  4. I found an old photo/post card of Schwartz and shaver drugs on third and main street.
    My Mom and Dad are originally from Monogahela PA.

    Mike Morton Tampa Bay


  5. That’s third street and the building that’s burning I used to own that was Polaskies News Stand.I sold it and it burned down under the new owners


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