4th and Main Streets, Monongahela PA Then and Now


Monongahela City Postcard 1930's
Monongahela City Postcard 1930’s (click picture to enlarge)
4th and Main Streets, Monongahela PA
Corner of 4th and Main Streets, Monongahela PA, October 2011 (click picture to enlarge)

Here are two pictures taken about 70 years apart looking southeast at the corner of 4th and Main Streets Monongahela. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it would be interesting to identify who built the original buildings and list what businesses occupied them over the years. I received some help in a comment from Don who said regarding the earlier picture:

“I believe building on right is First national bank. Next to it was Pansino cigarette vending repair shop and pinball machine. Next to Polaski¬†[news store] was Inserra barber shop.”

Does anybody know of other businesses who occupied the buildings pictured over the years?

(By the way, do you have any old pictures of Monongahela you would like to share? If so email a copy to me and I would be happy to post them here on Lost Monongahela.)


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  1. Turners in the mid 40’s is where I learned tumbling.
    Mr Turner taught gymnastics.

    Whiskey Point
    I remember my father (lived across the street from where
    St Anthony’s is now at 101 Chess St (Bonacci) used to tell me
    that the entrance to the tunnel (where they used to hide the
    whiskey during proibition, he would make delivery’s
    while dating my mother to the local speakeasy’s around
    the area) located in the Ostiveches yard and came out on
    Park Ave across from whiskey point. When St Anothy’s
    was built the tunnel was filled in on the churches side.
    St Antohy’s was located on Park Ave down the hill from where it sit now.


    Polaski [news store] (where I would get my newspaper for delivery,
    Rudy) would count the papers for each paper route) beside the news
    store was the bank and behind the bank was the old Monongahela Jr High
    and to the right looking from the post office was Mr Catlins Barber shop.
    On the corner of Third & Chess Street was a empty lot next to the lot
    was Dr Vacaro’s office then a red brick building on the corner of Third
    and Main. Beside the Post Office was a car dealership their autobody
    and mechanic on the above floors.
    As you walked down Third St from Chess St wqas a empty
    lot, a bar (where my grand father Cain would walk every
    day for a shot of whiskey then back home) a building with apartments behind
    it. Across the street on the corner was Joe O’delly’s ( tabacco and candy)
    on the bottom floor of an apartment building. Across the street from
    O’Delly’s was the Taxi stand and a apartment buildind a alley
    the Anton Theater ( Mr Bentley owner of the Bentley theater
    bought the Anton theate) next was a bar.
    Across Fourth St from the Jr High was a grocery store (in the mid 50 George
    moved his market from 6th street George’s Grocery Store)
    behind his store on Chess St was a auto repair and tire.
    To the left of the post office and across from Georges Market was
    Bucannons Service Station. I can remember more, but my grass won’t get mowed before my lady gets home from shopping.


  2. Just reading Bill’s post again..

    Wasn’t it Rocco’s Barber Shop above Main on 3rd, while Catlin’s Barber Shop was down toward the river on 3rd from Joe Odelli’s store (where he always seemed to be the first to get the new baseball cards each year)? It’s been so long…


  3. Ken Breakiron says:

    Don’t forget the drug stores on Main Street. Derkins Drug, Span and Taylor, and Shorts and Shavers.

    Refering to pics on page, Behind the 2nd tree was a baby shop named, Small-Donneys.

    On the corner of 2nd and Main was Peters Resturant, which has the greatest hot roast sandwich and mashed potatoes for $.99.

    Ah…The good Old Days!


  4. The cigar candy shop was spelled O’Delle’s. and always had peanuts roasting in an ornate vintage silver colored roaster outside the entrance rain or snow you could smell the peanuts from blocks away. The spelling of the children’s clothing shop on the corner of Third and Main was Smaldone’s. it was ran by two older sisters and my Mother shopped there often for gifts for newborns. As to Mr Caitlin’s barber shop it was on Third St behind Joe ODell’s. I used to take my toddler boys there in the 60’s for haircuts since he was noted for being so kind to children and taking time to let them hold the electric razor before he used it as well as having a special set for them which fit across the standard armrests and the child’s seat had a toy pony head for them to hold on to which made what had been a terrifying experience at other barbers fun for them. You are right about the bank on the corner of Forth & Main but back in the forties it was the First National Bank. I can remember how the brass letters were polished everyday to a brilannce by aWorld War I veteran This picture brought back so many memories since I lived a few blocks up Forth St at the time and my Aunt was a telephone operator at the center on Forth Street behind the old Post Office on Chess St.


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