Act 32 Means One Less Tax Return

Did you know that you will have one less tax return to complete for your 2012 taxes? The two tax returns you previously filed, the Monongahela Earned Income Tax Return and the Ringgold Earned Income Tax Return, will be combined into one tax return that you send to Keystone Collections Group. You probably are familiar with Keystone since they already collect the earned income tax for Ringgold School District. Also, most people will no longer have to worry about issuing a check at tax time because these taxes will now be automatically deducted from your paycheck by your employer. It really helps to streamline the system. Nice thing too is that with Keystone doing the tax collection, you will have the option to file everything online. Kudos to Gov. Rendell and the state Legislature for passing Act 32 in 2008. Read about it over at the Tribune Review.


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