Monongahela Documentary Video To Help Monongahela Library

From Youtube description:

Sales from One Extraordinary Street are helping to “Raise the Roof” and get the LIbrary a new roof. Please read ending credits and this description.

One Extraordinary Street is a documentary about a small street in the Western PA river town of Monongahela, PA. The documentary tells how a community was built by immigrants on Park Avenue and shows the extraordinary successes that were achieved. Some featured individuals include: Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana; 31st US Army Chief of Staff General Carl Vuono; Nerf Football Inventor Dr. Fred Cox; American Biographer Dr. Deirdre Bair, Ph.D.; Disney Channel Founder Jim Jimirro; Top US trial attorney Vincent Bartolotta and many others.

This YouTube video is a ten-minute sample of the full-length, 90-minute documentary. The full length documentary can be obtained by sending a donation of at least $25 to the Monongahela Area Library, 813 West Main Street, Monongahela, PA 15063. Please make checks payable to the Monongahela Area Library.

The Library needs a new roof and the contractor is quoting $48,000 as the price. Consider this to be a virtual fundraiser! 100% of monies sent will be allocated to the Library Roof Fund. We are counting on the generosity of those who love Monongahela and libraries to help!

One Extraordinary Street was directed and produced by Monongahela native, Laura M. Magone, . Laura is available to speak on the documentary.

Also, for anyone from the Park Avenue neighborhood, the City of Monongahela is dedicating an area on Main Street to commemorate those from the Park Avenue neighborhood. Contact Laura to get details about purchasing an engraved brick for yourself or a loved one. Brick proceeds benefit MARC, the Monongahela Area Revitalization Committee.

3 thoughts on “Monongahela Documentary Video To Help Monongahela Library

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  1. What a great video!!! And, of course, a great cause. I always enjoyed Monongahela Library as kid growing up and am so glad it is still a vital part of the community. Thank you for getting the word out.


  2. I really liked the old library better. So many interesting nooks and crannies, and the creaking stairs and smell of old wood gave it such character.



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