Prr 1911 Train Depot

This postcard recently sold on Ebay and the seller described it as “1911 PRR Train Depot Monongahela PA”. The 1911 date is most likely a postmark date. I assume that the photograph is earlier than that. Here you have a great view of both the second and third bridges that crossed the Monongahela River. The older bridge seen in the background crossed the river right behind where Lenzi Service station is located today (in fact, an original stone bridge abutment still stands there). The third bridge is the one many people still remember. The entrance to this bridge was located right where the former Right Aid building is.

The image above shows the area as it currently appears. There is only one railroad building remaining on the right.

Notice how there are no trees along the riverbank in the old picture. They used to build barges in this area so I assume that the trees would have gotten in the way. One thing I’ve noticed when taking these before and after pictures is how much worse the area or building usually appears today. See how sterile the current railroad building looks? You can blame plastic siding for that. Even commercial buildings were built with pride and style back in the day.


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