Hotel Glasser aka Marble Hotel, Monongahela PA

Hotel Glasser as of Saturday September 25, 2011. More to follow…

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  1. I knew about that ~ I meant like the upstairs rooms and the whole layout of the place.

    Old building fascinate me. I love the quality and style of old buildings ~ not like anything you see these days.


  2. I didn’t realized they filmed a scene from Striking Distance in that building! I do remember vaguely when they were filming in Mon City.

    It is a very beautiful, unique structure. Does anyone have any photos from its hotel days of yore?


  3. My mother (Helen Glasser)’s uncle owned the glasser hotel and her father Anthony managed the bar etc. his whole life. I would love to have some more pictures before they tear it down.


  4. I was home last weekend hoping to catch one last glimpse of it and maybe even pull over to peer in the old windows, but alas it was already torn down.

    I hope Ms. Knuttila is able to track down additional photographs of it for her own family archives.


  5. I recently came across a clear juice size glass (6oz?) with blue print: MARINE BAR is written around a life preserver ring with an anchor in the center. Under the ring is written MONONGAHELA PA. When I searched all I could find was a community paper referencing the Hotel Glasser having had a Marine Bar inside and in a search of Hotel Glasser I wound up here. Anyone able to say for sure if this glass may be from that building and what years the Marine Bar existed there?


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