Monongahela Haze

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog by Monongahela native Devin Bartolotta. Following is an excerpt from a recent post titled “Monongahela Haze”

Monongahela summer evenings have a certain haze to them, or at least they do at my house. But the Monongahela summer haze isn’t just tangible. It’s a feeling, too. It’s when the air is an undetectable temperature, perfectly between warm and cool, and the sky seems bigger than normal. The day turns from blue light to blue dark and if you’re out there just long enough, the stars are bright enough to make you want to lay down and watch. Where no matter what you’re doing, everything seems clearer and calmer and your heart feels it’s where it needs to be.

It’s the kind of hazy evening that makes you want to drive with the windows down, even if you have nowhere to go. It makes you want to throw your hair up in a ponytail, forget what’s on TV or where you have to be tomorrow morning and just simply be.

Devin lives in Ohio now so why not leave a comment on her blog, I’m sure she would appreciate hearing from friends back home.



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