The Race Track – AKA Armstrong Field, Ringgold Soccer Field In Monongahela PA

I am working on an upcoming blog post and could use your help. Do any of you have any information or memories about the area known around Monongahela as the “Race Track” aka Armstrong Field? Currently located there is a soccer field, a softball field and on the southern end is Cox’s arena.

Here is a link to a great article in the Union-Finley Messenger with information about the Cox arena and Armstrong Park. To summarize the article:

  • In 1874 the Monongahela Valley Agricultural Association purchased the 25 acre plot known as the “Driving Park”. The association sponsored fairs featuring horse racing.
  • Later, the “Monongahela Driving Park Association” sponsored harness racing. Betting was allowed and thousands attended.
  • Later the area became known as the “Monongahela Speedway” as harness racing gave way to automobile racing. In 1936 “Deb Miller drove a Miller Special at an average speed of over 70 miles per hour which broke all records at that time for dirt track racing.”
  • During World War II victory gardens were planted there.
  • Shane and Kate Cox currently sponsor equestrian events most weekends throughout the summer. You can contact Shane and Kate at

I found a few old newspaper articles that mention this area and I’ll post a few stories this week.

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  1. Hello,

    While I don’t have any stories, I am not sure if thi sis associated with my family or not, but they had the name of Armstrong and were harness horse owners in the early 1900’s. I have photos to share, but not many details- researching now. JL Armstrong was murdered in the middle of town.


  2. I lived on Park Street overlooking the “race track” as we called the field. I remember the area down there flooding quite a few times. These was a drive in type ice cream shop near the road into Stoggletown. After a flood the owner would spend month cleaning it al up only to have it flood again the next spring. Across the highway from the ice cream shop was a gas station. They were dumping fly ash behind it to make a larger flat area. Each year the flat area would get a little larger. Generally it was above the water line when Pigeon Creek overflowed its banks. Geo A Paxon


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