Mingo Park Map

Mingo Park Map

Here’s a great map of Mingo Creek County Park. Click here to download the .pdf file of the map. Keep a copy on your iPhone for future reference when out at the park.

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  1. Jess, feel free to also post something on the Lost Monongahela Facebook page wall when you write Monongahela related posts on your blog!


  2. Came home from the Park today rather amazed that I did not have any Spandex-encased helmeted cyclists in front of me the whole way out of the Park and all the way to Route 88. I get that we are to “share” the road with the cyclists – but I think they take it to the extreme, especially with the new law that says we have to give them four feet of clearance when passing them. When they ride two feet into the road to begin with, there’s no way to pass them during this couple of mile stretch of road. The two that I followed yesterday were a good three feet into the road, traveling about 8-10 MPH most of the time, kept looking back to see if the line of traffic was still behind them, but would not budge. No break until our entire parade got to Route 88, and they veered off into the Park and Ride area – guess that’s where they start their journey. I rode bikes with a friend of mine for several years through the park, around it, and back into it. We never blocked traffic, always moving as far off the road as we could. I rode the highways around our area for years on horseback (and according to PA state law, horses have the right of way on all roads except interstates), and always was mindful of traffic. We rode as far off the road as we could. The only time I put myself into the traffic was when I had any kids who used to ride with me along .. and Maggie and I would ride the line on the edge of the road and put the kids on the inside. I did this intentionally to slow down cars and ensure the safety of the kids. They put that $550,000 beautiful blacktop trail in all the way through the Park, with the idea that they needed to clear the roads for cars because of safety issues. The “road warrior cyclists” feel, I guess, that they’re far above the common folk who ride the trails, and insist on riding the roads. There are usually a handful of people with kids in strollers with an old dog on a leash traveling the road too … I guess I just don’t understand why you would choose to put your kid in danger on the road when there’s a beautiful path they could be enjoying … Phew, OK, now I feel better .. 🙂


  3. My Grandfather donated the land – Mingo Creek – to the county years back.


  4. I am an everyday visitor to the park and am concerned at how fast vehicles travel through the park. Posted speed limit is 15 mph. I have contacted the sheriff’s department about the problem for two years with no results. I am concerned someone will get hurt. The worst decision made was to resurface the road!


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