Monongahela Area Dairy Farms Remembered

Young readers may find it hard to believe but milk (pronounciation) wasn’t always sold at the local store in paper cartons or plastic jugs. I’d venture to say that most Lost Monongahela readers remember a time when milk was home delivered in glass bottles. Milk bottles are collectible now and fortunately for us they were embossed or pyroglazed with the name of the dairy. Occasionally you can find bottles from former Monongahela area dairies for sale on eBay:

Warndicky Farms Guernsey Milk Monongahela PA
Sanitary Milk Co. Monongahela PA
Sanitary Milk Co., Monongahela PA
Locust Grove Farm, Irwin Dairy, Monongahela PA
G.P. Cole Milk Bottle, Monongahela PA
G.P. Cole Milk Bottle, Monongahela PA
Doubly Protected - Cole's Dairy, Monongahela PA
Doubly Protected – Cole’s Dairy, Monongahela PA

Eventually the waxed paper milk carton we all know and love started to replace glass milk bottles:

San Francisco 49ers drink milk in the locker room. October 1951

According to Ohio History Central: “By 1929, Van Wormer [the inventor of the paper milk carton] developed a machine capable of manufacturing his carton, and that same year, the American Paper Company purchased Van Wormer’s patent and machine. By 1950, this firm was producing twenty million paper milk cartons per day.”

Believe it or not, old milk cartons are also collectible. If you have any historic Monongahela area milk containers languishing in your refrigerator send me a picture or upload it to the Lost Monongahela Facebook page. Any comments, information or memories of any local dairy would be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Monongahela Area Dairy Farms Remembered

  1. Angelo Ripepi June 11, 2012 / 9:02 am

    Very good job in bringing back memories! I think the Sanitary Milk Dairy was located where the Richardson Apartments are today. We had a small grocery store at that time and sold there products.


  2. Bob Wevster June 22, 2012 / 10:29 pm

    I fondly remember Yongcalley’s Dairy and Meat west of Valley Inn near Pleasant Hollow. Such freshness and quality always brought a smile to Mom’s face.


  3. Deb Cheplic July 10, 2012 / 3:02 pm

    You should check with Ruth/Bernie Bucchianeri at Lone Oak Farm on Dry Run Road. Jim and Had Hank delivered our milk – Lone Oak Dairy – when I was a kid … they might have bottles in their house …


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