Monongahela Cemetery To Celebrate 150th Anniversary In 2013

Caleb Harvey – the first planning meeting was held at Mr. Harvey’s public house aka “The Old City Hotel” on April 3, 1863.

Did you know that the Monongahela Cemetery will celebrate its’ 150th Anniversary in 2013? To prepare the community for this milestone the Directors of the Cemetery will post interesting history information each month. The final entry will be in May of 2013. During the last week of June the public will be welcomed to participate in a special event each day. Click here to view the monthly history entries.

Here is a brief history of the origins of the cemetery taken from the cemetery website:

“It was a hot, summer day in 1863. The Civil War raged on, with Confederate troops fast advancing toward Northern soil. All able men of the Mon Valley were enlisted in the war effort. Sadly, many returned to their home ground in rough wooden coffins. A small city cemetery soon reached capacity.
As the number of war dead grew, a group of concerned citizens gathered at the Caleb Harvey’s public house to discuss the need for a final resting place for their felled compatriots. At that meeting, the citizens moved to purchase a parcel of land from local farmer William McClure to establish a cemetery that would serve the Mon Valley for generations to come.Hare & Hare, 19th-century landscape architects of national repute, designed the cemetery grounds. Their work—and the efforts of the Monongahela citizens—laid the foundation for what is today one of the areas finest cemeteries.”

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