Lent 1908 Style

Good advice from H.W. and W.L. McKinley Contractors and Builders, Monongahela PA. 1908


  • Gossiping. Fidgeting. Grumbling and Hairsplitting.
  • Saying fate is against you.
  • Finding fault with the weather.
  • Going around with a gloomy face.
  • Fault-finding, nagging and worrying.
  • Taking offense where none is intended.
  • Dwelling on fancied slights and wrongs.
  • Taking big things and doing small ones.
  • Scolding and flying into a passion over trifles.
  • Boasting of what you can do instead of doing it.
  • Thinking that life is a grind and not worth living.
  • Talking continually about yourself and your affairs.
  • Depreciating yourself and making light of your abilities.
  • Saying unkind things about acquaintances and friends.
  • Exaggerating and making mountains out of molehills.


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