Cincinnati Mine Disaster Historical Marker On Rt 88

There is a little historical plaque on rt 88 commemorating the Cincinnati Mine disaster of 1913:

Cincinnati Mine Disaster Plaque
Cincinnati Mine Disaster Plaque

It marks what was known as the Mule entrance to the mine, not far from Finleyville on rt 88:

Location of Cincinnati Mine disaster historical marker near Finleyville PA

This used to be an attractive spot along route 88. As I remember there were four mature weeping willow trees that stood in a row on a flat grassy area where the parking lot now is. The trees were cut down when the cement block building with junk all around it was built. I still wonder who planted those trees. Could it have been somebody who lost a relative in the explosion? Perhaps the person living in the house next door?  This is all that is left to commemorate those 97 men who lost their lives that day. But kudos to Peters Creek Historical Society for the historical marker.

Cincinnati Mine Disaster Historical Plaque
Cincinnati Mine Disaster Historical Plaque

You can read more about the history of the Cincinnati Mine and learn about the explosion at the Virtual Museum Of Coal Mining in Western Pennsylvania

Also, on Thursday, February 28, 2013, Scott Frederick will give a presentation about the Cincinnati Mine disaster in the parlor of the First Presbyterian Church in Monongahela at 7 p.m. Mr. Frederick taught World Cultures, American History and Honors American History at Ringgold High School for 36 years.

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