Monongahela Area Photographic Mysteries To Be Solved Thursday Evening

Several photographic mysteries will be solved 7:00 PM Thursday in the parlor of the First Presbyterian Church, Monongahela, Pa.  Here are few examples: (click image to enlarge)

Mystery #1

Why were these women wearing their hair down?

The photo above was taken very early in the 1900’s (my guess would be sometime between 1900 and 1912) when women almost always wore their hair up in a tight bun or in a looser but still “updo” in a Gibson Girl style. Read this article for more information about hairstyles of this period.

Mystery #2

Who are these women and why is the one on the left so angry?

Mystery #3

Where and why was this photo of six women taken and why were the details of their outing published the Pittsburgh Press?

Mystery #4 

Why is there a small man sitting on the hat of the woman on the right?

The speaker for this fun evening will be Terry Necciai. Terry has extensive knowledge of the history of towns throughout the Monongahela area which will be woven into his talk tomorrow. Admission is free and open to the public. Click here for details.

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