Transfiguration Church, Monongahela PA, Diamond Jubilee Publication 1940 Freely Available Online

Yesterday’s post, Transfiguration Church Through The Years, with 282 views in 24 hours was a pretty popular one. Nothing in that post would have been possible without coming across a physical copy of the Diamond Jubilee publication. It got me thinking, how would I have been able to write such a detailed post about the church’s history without it?


I had stumbled across this amazingly well written resource purely by accident. In addition to church history it has a great section about the history of the Monongahela. It would be one of the first publications that I would recommend to somebody interested in local history.


However for the general public the Diamond Jubilee Publication is a well hidden gem. You may be able to find a copy of it at the Mononongahela Area Historical Society but then again, they may not have a copy. The archives at St. Damian’s would have a copy but is it available to the public? Or maybe there is a copy down in the archives section of the Monongahela library? Or maybe the Charleroi historical society has a copy? (I’m sure a few people from Charleroi attended Transfiguration at one time or another) So, if the average person is attempting to do research about the Transfiguration church building he would have hours of searching ahead of him just trying to locate materials at various local archives and libraries. And on top of that, the local archives certainly aren’t going to let you take these valuable (sometimes irreplaceable) materials home where you can read at your leisure. Basically, you would have to do research the way I did in high school back in 1978 – visiting libraries and archives using 3×5 note cards (with lines!) for note taking. But most importantly, I would never have searched for the Diamond Jubilee publication in the first place because there was no way for me to know that it even existed.

So, it got me thinking – why don’t we start making this stuff available online? Just imagine how much easier it would be for book authors or just a hobbyist like me who writes a history blog. And what better way is there to foster a love of local history among the general public than to have authors and even bloggers posting fresh content for people to read.

(Ok, I’ve got to get to the point now because it is 7:36 a.m. and I have to leave for work so I’ll just use bullet points.)

Ok, I’m late for work – bye!



3 thoughts on “Transfiguration Church, Monongahela PA, Diamond Jubilee Publication 1940 Freely Available Online

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  1. Hi,  I think the photo of the old Transfig is a copy of one of my old postcards  I have a few other photos & cards that I’ve been sharing on fb, “I’m from Mon…”, I’d be happy to share these with you…like the idea of having all old pics in one place..Thank you for your efforts !!  Have enjoyed your posts.


  2. Hi Rita. yeah I am hoping more people share historical pictures on Facebook. That would be great!

    The Lost Monongahela page doesn’t always show up in your Facebook time line. Facebook keeps wanting me to pay $10 to promote it every time I post something on there. The “I’m From Monongahela” Facebook Group is a private group. It seems like Facebook Private group entries show up on peoples timeline better than Facebook Pages do. I probably should switch Lost Monongahela from a Page to a Group to get better coverage.


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