December 2014 Monongahela City Council Meeting Notes And Audio File

I’ve known that the city of Monongahela posts audio recordings of council meetings online but I’ve never taken the time to listen to one until today. It was interesting and I thought Lost Monongahela readers might enjoy hearing a city council meeting too. Just click here to listen.

The recording is about 23 minutes long. I also took notes for those of you who don’t have time to listen to the entire meeting. Comments within “[ ]” brackets are my own.

Monongahela City Council Meeting December 10, 2014

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call. Attending are: Bob Kepics, Thomas Caudill, Ken Kulak, Bill Hess, Alan Veliky

Sherry Taddeo asks for the city of Monongahela to do something about the dirt tracked out onto rt 837 [the portion between Monongahela and Donora near Victory Hill] by trucks exiting from Monongahela Iron & Metal Company. Residents have been complaining about this for years. Residents can’t keep their cars clean for even one day. Ms. Taddeo said that the mud may be contaminated. Council said that there is nothing that the DEP or the state can do. The only thing the city can do is ticket drivers leaving the scrapyard who are tracking dirt onto the road. The police chief spoke to owners of the scrap yard. The city officials pledge to look into the matter further.

Police report for the month of November 2014

  • 2 – 911 hangup calls
  • 15 business alarms
  • 4 residential alarms
  • 19 assist other agencies
  • 3 burglaries
  • 1 check business
  • 4 check residence
  • 4 check welfare
  • 5 civil complaints
  • 3 criminal mischief
  • 1 disorderly conduct
  • 14 disturbances
  • 1 escort
  • 3 harassment by phone
  • 5 juvenile calls
  • 1 loitering
  • 6 ordinance violations
  • 4 property 1 domestic
  • 3 drug law violations
  • 1 drug overdose
  • 2 public drunkenness
  • 2 requests to assist persons
  • 2 reckless drivers
  • 20 suspicious activities
  • 19 thefts
  • 30 traffic contacts
  • 6 parking complaints
  • 3 warrant services
  • 3 animal complaints
  • 20 traffic accidents were investigated with seven state reports made, zero fatalities.

21 persons were either arrested or were issued non-traffic citations for the following violations:

  • 4 simple assault
  • 1 aggravated assault
  • 2 burglaries
  • 6 robberies
  • 7 thefts
  • 1 retail theft
  • 1 motor vehicle theft
  • 1 forgery
  • 2 criminal conspiracies
  • 1 criminal attempt
  • 4 receiving stolen property
  • 17 drug law violations
  • 9 DUI charges
  • 1 tamper with evidence
  • 1 resisting arrest
  • 1 criminal trespass
  • 3 criminal mischief

Summary violations:

  • 2 public drunkenness
  • 1 harassment
  • 3 disorderly conduct
  • 1 underage drinking

There were 16 traffic citations issued during the month.

Code Enforcement Report

[Click on the links below to see a Google Maps Street View of the approximate location of the properties mentioned below. The Google maps view is not 100% accurate and will not always show the exact location. It is usually off by one or two addresses.]

  • 1 fence permit issued
  • 23 properties inspected
  • issued residency permits
  • attended lateral sewer line seminar
  • check on complaint regarding cats getting into 500 Meade Street, letter to owner to secure windows.
  • met with property owner of 404 Fourth Street regarding tenants not having gas and water on, sent letter to tenants to have utilities restored or move out of property.
  • check complaint of old appliances in backyard of 718 Sampson Street
  • followup letter to owner of 210 9th Street to remove junk, garbage, debris, furniture from property. Issued citation for failure to comply.
  • sent 8 letters to property owners for failure to comply with residency ordinance
  • sent 2 letters to property owners for failure to cut grass and weeds
  • issued 1 citation for failure to cut grass and weeds
  • sent letter to property owner for contractor failing to obtain permit for work completed
  • sent letter to property owner of 423 Fourth Street for junk, garbage, furniture, appliances and chemicals on front porch, side porch and yard.
  • sent letter to property owner of 431 North Alexander for furniture and debris in back yard
  • sent letter to property owner of 509 Chess Street regarding a trailer full of building debris on trailer at side of the house, an old toilet and building material on back porch of property
  • sent report to US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census

Other Business

CDBG – Motion regarding funds from the Community Development Block Program. The county will make available funds in the amount of $319,850 to be expended in the city on eligible activities. Activities are: home rehabilitation, $100,000 and sidewalk improvements $219,850. During discussion it was mentioned that city is limited as to the use of the funds and the city receives only one third of what they used to get in CDBG monies.

Reading of Bills

  • Bill #4 – regarding setting of real estate tax and residence taxes for 2015.
  • Bill #5 – fixing certain taxes for general revenue purposes: mercantile, wage, deed transfer, mechanical devices, per capita etc.
  • Bill #6 – setting salaries for 2015
  • Bill #7 – amendment to an ordinance regarding the zoning code regarding parking on Lincoln Street south.
  • Discussion of bids for the tax anticipation loan from competing banks.

Discussion of free parking downtown from December 15 to January 5 to help merchants and shoppers.

Mayor and council are able to hold the line on taxes despite increasing fixed expenditures. Revised 2015 budget will be formally adopted at the December 30, 2015 council meeting.

Discussion regarding buildings on two properties that will be torn down.

Thanks to Mr. Hess and Les Pemberton for their assistance getting a property cleaned up recently. Neighbors are encouraged that their efforts are working.

Congratulations to the Mayor on his 58th birthday.

Aquatorium, docks and buildings are ready for winter.

Lights in Chess Park have been repaired. Glass is being cut to replace missing pieces. All lights are now working.

Meeting adjourned.

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