January 2015 Monongahela City Council Meeting Notes And Audio File

Click here to listen to an audio file of the city council meeting. Right click and choose “save link as” if you wish to save the audio file to your computer. Comments within [square brackets] are those of Lost Monongahela and are meant for clarification only.

Roll Call

Mayor Bob Kepics – present
Councilman Tomas Caudill, Director of Accounts and Finance – present
Councilman Ken Kulak, Director of Streets and Public Improvements – present
Councilman Bill Hess, Director of Public Safety – present
Councilman Alan Veliky, Director of Parks and Public Property – present

Public Participation Time

  • Mr Necciai spoke about drainage problems on East Main Street. Large chunks of ice (2 feet) are building up during cold weather. The DEP is supposed to come and look at the drain near Lime Street. Surface water and mine water is also running from a vacant house onto the roadway adding to the problem.
  • The problem with mud being tracked out from the scrap yard onto the road has lessened due to the cold weather freezing the ground somewhat.
  • Police cars are being stationed at the exit to the scrap yard and will continue to ticket motorists who track mud out onto the road. Word is getting out that citations are being issued.

Police Report For December 2014

  • 5,263 miles logged on the five police cruisers
  • 228 calls received for the Monongahela, New Eagle and Finleyville
  • 24 alarms
  • 1 break in
  • 8 assaults
  • 28 assist other agencies
  • 2 check residence
  • 2 check welfare
  • 5 civil complaints
  • 5 criminal mischief
  • 1 disorderly conduct
  • 17 disturbance calls
  • 7 drug violations
  • 7 thefts
  • 1 escort
  • 7 domestics
  • 4 ordinance calls
  • 1 public service call
  • 10 fire calls
  • 4 – 911 hang-up calls
  • 2 harassment calls
  • 3 juvenile calls
  • 28 suspicious activity
  • 2 traffic complaints
  • 19 traffic stops
  • 1 trespass call
  • 6 parking complaints
  • 1 wildlife complaint
  • 3 disabled vehicles
  • 2 missing persons
  • 6 miscellaneous calls
  • 7 warrant PFA service
  • 3 dog/cat calls
  • 1 junk vehicle
  • 1 reckless driver
  • 4 neighbor disputes
  • police investigated 24 traffic accidents
  • 7 state reports made
  • 1 fatality

There were 17 persons either arrested or issued non-traffic citations for the following 33 charges.

  • DUI charges – 3
  • furnishing drug free urine – 1
  • harassment by physical strike – 4
  • reckless endangering another vehicle – 2
  • possession of drug paraphernalia – 3
  • possession with intent to deliver – 2
  • firearms act – 2
  • simple assault – 1
  • possession of controlled substance – 2
  • corruption of minors – 2
  • aggravated assault – 2
  • possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia – 3
  • solution of a minor to traffic drugs – 1
  • seller furnished alcohol to a minor – 1

Non-traffic Citations:

  • disorderly conduct – 1
  • public drunkenness – 2
  • underage drinking – 1
  • criminal trespass – 1
  • retail theft – 1

There were 9 traffic citation issued for the month.

The police report was approved unanimously.

Discussion of police report:

  • It was noted that the main problem every month is the drug problem. Heroin is everywhere and most of these arrests are heroin related. The main problem is with people from other communities. Non drug related problems were minimal.
  • There were slightly over 3,000 calls in 2014

Code Enforcement Report

  • 2 building permits issued.
  • 2 sign permits.
  • 23 properties inspected.
  • Issued residency permits.
  • Met with engineer regarding variance requests.
  • Sent second letter to property owner of 220 West Main Street to fence rear property to prevent vehicles from pulling onto property from Chess Street.
  • Sent letter to owner of 904 Marne Ave. for repairs that need to be made after residency inspection.
  • Sent letter to contractor for failing to obtain permits for three properties.
  • Attended hearing at magistrates office for owner of 210 9th Street for failing to maintain exterior property areas. Owner was found to be guilty.
  • Sent report to US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census

The code enforcement report was approved unanimously.

Reading Of Bills

Second reading of bill number nine of 2014 which will become ordinance number one of 2015 regarding a change to parking meter violation fees. Bill was passed unanimously.


  • Appreciation was expressed to the Monongahela Chamber of Commerce for supporting these changes. The public should note that parking fees have not increased, rather parking violation fines have increased. Parking meter fees are still only twenty five cents. The bill was approved unanimously.
  • Beautification award to the Holets residence at 516 West Main Street.
  • A new police officer was hired. [because of poor microphone placement, the name of the police officer is unintelligible] The young officer came directly out of the academy, his hiring will ensure continuity of the police department due to the upcoming retirement of older officers currently serving. There should be no additional expense to the city in this budgetary period because he will be serving during periods when other officers on vacation. The officer has experience and last won “Police Officer Of The Year” for Carroll Township.
  • Discussion about several street lights that are not working. Several calls have been made to the power company. Residents also may call West Penn directly to report malfunctioning street lights.
  • A councilman noted that the city only has two forms of revenue – fees and taxation. They are trying to avoid tax increases and feel that increasing the parking violation fee is the better way to go to cover increasing expenses.
  • A councilman is putting a notice in the paper urging residents and business owners to clear their sidewalks of ice and snow. When clearing snow from sidewalks, do not throw the snow onto the roads.
  • The city has a new fire chief and assistant fire chief. [names unintelligible] Appreciation was expressed for their service to the community.
  • Appreciation was expressed for the good job our street department was doing keeping our roads cleared of ice and snow.
  • Discussion about the Aquatorium. [parts unintelligible due to bad audio] Upper deck is being remodeled. Stage is being repaved. A lift is being installed to enable handicapped access to the stage area.
  • Glass in Chess park street lamps is being replaced with plexiglass. Materials and labor were provided free of charge by Donnie Devore of Devore Hardware.

Meeting adjourned.

Council meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Monongahela City Hall in Council Chambers – 449 West Main Street, Monongahela PA. Click here to learn more about the duties of elected officials in Monongahela.

Beautification Award for the Holets' residence on Main Street. Congratulations!
Beautification Award for the Holets’ residence on Main Street. Congratulations!

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