Monongahela City Businesses Missing In Action

Two things really baffle me about businesses* in Monongahela:

  1. Half don’t display their address number on the front of their buildings.
  2. Most don’t notify Google to get their locations displayed properly on Google maps.

How is an out-of-town shopper supposed to find them? It’s almost like Monongahela is saying to the rest of the world “Things are fine here, we don’t need your business.”

Look at the small 3 1/2 block snippet below:

Arrows start at Google’s incorrect location and point to the correct location shown in red.

Only five establishments are listed correctly:

  • Goody Two Shoes
  • Miller Insurance
  • Little City Coffee
  • Rabes Trading Post
  • Frye Funeral home

Three are listed but are showing the wrong location:

  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Monongahela Fire Department
  • First United Methodist Church

Nine aren’t listed at all:

  • Laundromat
  • Police Department/City Hall
  • MonView Medical and Dental
  • Devore Hardware
  • Dr. Parent
  • Ramblin Rose
  • Zimmer Printing
  • Tattoo Savior

(I even left a few businesses off the map because of a lack of space.)

Come on guys, Google Maps has been around for 10 years. Nobody under 60 uses a phone book anymore. If somebody from out of town is trying to find you they will be using the internet. So why not correct your listing if it is showing incorrectly on Google Maps? It is pretty easy to do, just click here. If you aren’t listed on Google Maps at all click here.

And regarding address numbers, isn’t there a city ordinance requiring them to be displayed on the front of the building?

Correcting listings on Google Maps and getting everybody to display their street address numbers would be an ideal project for the chamber of commerce and the city to take on. Making our city easier navigate benefits everybody at practically zero cost to anyone.

* I realize that the Methodist Church and the city hall, fire and police departments aren’t businesses.




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