Winter Flooding On Park Avenue, Monongahela PA

Just a few photos of the flooding along Pigeon Creek on Park Avenue, Monongahela March 4th and 5th 2015. These were taken shortly after the water started to recede. Click the image for a larger view.






The Ringgold School District Armstrong Field shown above is mainly used as a soccer field today. Over the years it has been used as a driving park, race track, softball field, football field and even a cornfield! Click here to see what it looked like over 100 years ago.

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  1. Regarding the race track. I worked on the Skokut farm from 1946 into the early 1950’s and Nick Skokut leased the race track to plant corn. Not sure of all the years it was leased or when terminated. — Thomas G. Leach


  2. I remember when Pigeon Creek flooded and froze and we would ice skate from Stogletown to the bridge at East Main street. When the water started to recede we would brake through the ice. — Thomas


  3. Tomas – which part of the race track did Mr. Skokut lease? I wonder if it was owned by the school district, the city or if it was privately owned? I thought about how it would make a cool ice skating rink when I was taking the pictures, I didn’t know people actually did! I guess it wouldn’t be that unusual for kids to try it. I heard that people used to skate at Chess Street and Dry Run back in the day. When I was a kid we used to skate in the pond across from the High School (it is all silted up now though)

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate hearing from people who enjoy the posts. It keeps me motivated!


  4. Virtually all the flat land was planted in corn but there were buildings at the end towards Monongahela. The buildings appeared to be old stables. There were about three ponds at the lower end in the swampy area and we ice skated there but much of the time we skated on a pond we called the “frog pond” in Stogletown. If you drove Watt street to the end of the road, you were at the frog pond. The pond was in a flat area owned by the brick yard and received the water run-off from the cemetery hill. I believe the pond was drained at some point but not sure why. Growing up in Monongahela and loving it, I really appreciate Lost Monongahela. — Thomas


  5. When I was a teen, we used to live on Bertram Street off Park Avenue. I remember when the creek flooded, there were row boats going down Park Avenue. We were stuck until the water receded.


  6. I grew up in Stoggletown and Pigeon creek would flood almost every spring and fall. — Thomas G. Leach


  7. I lived in monongahela all my life and I love seeing all the pictures and learning stuff we have a great little town is there any pic of the 5nd dime store plz share on FB anyold pic of monongahela


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