This Day In 1882: Jellied Cow At The Monongahela Paper Mill

According to The Daily Republican March, 13, 1882:

A cow which had entered the paper mill straw yard one day several weeks ago, in search of food, was observed to eat her way towards the steam tubs, but the workmen were too busy to drive her out. A half hour later they looked for her, but the Ramshackle had disappeared. The owner had hunted his cow in vain. On Saturday the men were cleaning ptchaout a steam escape, and digging down under the straw to where the hot liquor is drawn off from the bottom of the tub, came across the cow. She had slumped through the wet straw and sank to the bottom, outside the tubs. It was all up with Shackle; she was cooked to death, for after soaking in hot lime and soda water, and being parboiled in hot steam for two weeks no ordinary cow could be expected to stand the racket, and so when found she was little more than jelly and horns.

Jellied calves feet also known as “P’tcha”


Paper Mill
Paper mill in Catsburg

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