All The Construction On Main Street = Confidence In Our Town

If you live in Monongahela I’m sure you’ve noticed all the scaffolding and construction along Main Street in the last few weeks. Hundreds of thousands spent at the Fox’s Pizza building on the west end of town, hundreds of thousands (I’m guessing) spent by City Mission getting the old McCrory’s building (aka Finishing Touch) in shape. (If you haven’t walked past and peered in the window you have no idea how much work has gone into remodeling the interior).

There are others I’m leaving out but I want to mention two projects that just commenced this past week. First is the Slagle Roofing building:

Slagle Roofing – 242 West Main Street.

Second is Dr. Randall Rodriguez’s building:

All the construction you see going on is visible proof that building owners have confidence that the City of Monongahela is a community worth investing in. I am incredibly proud to say that I am from Monongahela Pa. How about you?

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