March 2016 City Council Meeting Coverage

Below is a summary of the March 2016 Monongahela City Council Meeting reprinted with permission from author Chad Desantis. You can view the original on The Mon City Scoop – News Blog on Facebook.

-Chad M DeSantis

On Wednesday 3/9/16, Monongahela city councilman Tom Caudill presided over a brief and to the point meeting, as Mayor Kepics was not present.

Resident Carol Frye spoke on behalf of the Monongahela Historical Society, reminding us that Monongahela’s 250th anniversary is coming up soon, and asked for council’s blessing and support to lead the city’s celebration of it’s Sestercentennial, while working with all of the community organizations. Caudill immediately made a motion to allow it, seconded by Veliky, passing unanimously.

I discussed a quick recap of the Monongahela Area Neighborhood Watch meeting, informing council that Continue reading

Lost Monongahela Celebrates its 8th Anniversary

I was looking back in the archives and realized that February 10th, 2016 will be Lost Monongahela’s 8th birthday! It all began with this post about the D.E. Gamble grain elevator on 7th street. Back then online information about Monongahela history was sparse. The best resource I had at the time was the Historical Magazine Of Monongahela’s Old Home Coming Week: Sept. 6-15, 1908. This magazine is still a helpful but what if you want to find out something related to “chickens in Monongahela in 1891”? Well, you had to walk down to the Monongahela Area Library and look through a years worth of Daily Republican microfilms. It’s great having this resource in town but the problem is that you can’t perform a boolean word search on microfilm. However, in 2016 you can slake your thirst for chicken related information on in less than a minute:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.40.01 PM.png
Clipped from a 1891 issue of The Daily Republican

Just as significant is how much better the map offerings are online. This is an example of the map quality you would typically find back in 2008:

carroll-township_east_map (1).jpg
A detail of Caldwell’s Atlas of 1876 from Rootsweb.

Compare that to the same map now available from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.09.13 PM.png
A detail of Caldwell’s Atlas of 1876 from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. (click image to enlarge)

The Caldwell Atlas is another wonderful resource but imagine how exciting it would be if you could find maps dating back to 1885 showing the following information for each building in Monongahela: Continue reading

WPXI Story About Monongahela African American Soldiers Who Served In The Civil War

Capt. William Catlin
Capt. William Catlin

Several folks asked how can view the story WPXI produced about the Ravioli sale sponsored by the Monongahela Main Street Program and Bethel AME church. Proceeds will pay for a historical marker to honor African American soldiers from Monongahela who fought for the United States in the civil war. What makes story unique is that this may be the first time in US history that African American soldiers went into battle under African American officers. Click here to read the story watch the video.

Regarding Snow Removal On Main Street Sidewalks

Sidewalk at 222 West Main St., Monongahela PA remains uncleared as of Monday afternoon while a man in a suit and tie works on an icy spot at another property up the street. (click image to enlarge)

The Monongahela street department did a great job clearing the streets during snowstorm Jonas this past Friday night and Saturday morning. Property owners also Continue reading

Stocking Stuffer Tour Of Main Street Monongahela

Thought you would be interested in this PowerPoint based video – “A Stocking Stuffer Tour of Monongahela’s Main St. Business District.” It gives an idea of what some of the stores along main street sell with the goal to encourage more people to shop locally. Most of the presentation is the work of Terry Necciai. The music is my fault and I contributed the photo at the end. Enjoy!