Former American Legion Building Saved

Many people in town have been concerned about the deterioration of the former American Legion Frank Downer Post building at 248 West Main Street. The first three photos below were taken in 2015 showing a huge gash in the roof resulting in water flooding the interior of the building every time it rained. Thankfully the... Continue Reading →

Lincoln School Ephemera

I found this pin tray on eBay depicting Lincoln School the other day.  Funny but I couldn't find any photos of Lincoln School online. (Let me know if you have any you would like me to post.) Lincoln School built in 1908 was a handsome building located between Lincoln and Thomas Streets in Monongahela. Many... Continue Reading →

Chess Park Then and Now

I came across this old post card featuring Chess Park. This image was taken from the northeast corner looking west: The postcard wasn't dated but my guess is that the picture was taken around 1900. I thought it would be fun to compare that image with what the park looks like today from the same... Continue Reading →

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