A Frigid Valentine From 1856

Reminiscent. Editor Daily Republican. - Forty years ago this winter was the longest and coldest winter season within the last half century. The river froze up in December and did not open until March; the ice was about two feet thick and teams could drive on it anywhere with perfect safety. There was good sleighing... Continue Reading →

This Day In 1864: Remarkable Case Of Petrifaction

The Monongahela Republican contains the following: "Parties engaged in exhuming the bodies of the MERCER family for removal from the old graveyard to Monongahela City Cemetery on Friday last, found the body of Mr. J.B. MERCER in a singular state of petrifaction. The graves of Mrs. MERCER and the two children on each side were about sixteen inches lower than that of their father, yet while their bodies had returned to dust and were perfectly dry, his grave was filled with water, and his body turned to stone.

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