Kelly The Pirate Gets Dunked

Daily Morning Post – Monday, March 29, 1858

A notorious character, called “Kelly, the Pirate,” has lived about Monongahela City for some time. He has been in the habit of drinking very hard, and abusing his wife and children. On last Tuesday evening he took one of his children, sick with scarlet fever, from its bed, out into the night air, his wife was driven from the house and his other children beaten. A few of the citizens becoming incensed at these outrages, took him out of bed and carried him down to the river, where he was thoroughly washed, ducked and splashed until, on a promise of amendment for the future, he was released. Served him right; but it is not likely the bath will have much effect on him.

A Cold Bath

Monongahela Republican – Monongahela City, December 19, 1851

A COLD BATH – Our friend Mr. William Coulter, while skating on the river, on Wednesday last, broke through the ice and went down in ten feet water, and a hundred yards from the shore. He succeeded in keeping from being carried under by supporting himself on the surrounding ice. A large number of citizens were soon collected, but the ice being insufficient, their efforts to rescue him were unavailing. At this desperate extremity he commenced breaking the ice with his elbows, and succeeded in getting within a few yards of shore, when being overcome with cold he sank down helpless; but by the laudable courage of some of the bystanders he was rescued and carried to a private house where, after much difficulty, the vital current was started to his extremities, and is now on a fair way of restoration. His clothing was frozen to his body, and had to be cut in pieces to be removed. He is said to have been in the water at least half an hour, and the thermometer 4 degrees below zero, which is certainly an extraordinary feat of human endurance. A crew composed of such metal would render valuable service in a Polar expedition.

Mrs. Adams And The Dropsy – Neighborhood News from the Daily Morning Post (Pittsburgh PA) Monday, December 19, 1859

Mrs. Adams Dropsy articleFAYETTE COUNTY –  Sometime in February, 1854, Dr. S.M. King was called upon to perform an operation on the person of Mrs. Adams, residing near Monongahela city. She was afflicted with the dropsy, or, as medical men term it, asciles, and the doctor drew from her fourteen gallons of water; from that time to January, 1856, he drew from her one hundred and fourteen and a half gallons, and up to the 18th of October last, had taken six hundred and twenty-eight gallons, two quarts, or nearly twenty barrels. Mrs. Adams is about forty-five years old, is in the enjoyment of tolerable good health, and should nothing unusual occur, bids fair to live for years yet. Her health is much better now than when the first operation was performed.