Winter of 1799

In the Winter of 1799, the greatest snow fell at one time that was known. It began snowing on Friday evening and snowed until the following Monday morning, snow measuring over a foot deep.”

from page 225 – Historical magazine of Monongahela’s old home coming week. Sept. 6-13, 1908

Blizzard of 2010

I was too tired to go out and take pictures of the Blizzard of 2010 after getting stuck in Donora, digging my car out twice and then hacking down a tree that fell across rt 837 to get back home to Monongahela. Upon arriving home I then had to remove 20″ of snow from my awnings to keep them from collapsing then shovel and salt the sidewalks (I live on a corner lot) and then finally dig out a place for the car so I could park it! (not to mention sit in front of a propane heater for 2 days waiting for the electric to come back on)

Oh well, time to stop griping and enjoy this terrific video shot just about 2 miles from my house at the Joe Montana bridge at the intersection of rt 88 and rt 43. Folks from around here will recognize the bridge at 3:43 in the video. At least somebody got to enjoy the snow! [edit: you will see a black box when you click the image below. Just click through and you can view the video on the youtube site.]

This intersection is turning into quite a recreational area. Drive by in the summer and you will usually see quads and motorcycles climbing the hill.