Transfiguration Church, Monongahela PA, Diamond Jubilee Publication 1940 Freely Available Online

Yesterday’s post, Transfiguration Church Through The Years, with 282 views in 24 hours was a pretty popular one. Nothing in that post would have been possible without coming across a physical copy of the Diamond Jubilee publication. It got me thinking, how would I have been able to write such a detailed post about the church’s history without it?


I had stumbled across this amazingly well written resource purely by accident. In addition to church history it has a great section about the history of the Monongahela. It would be one of the first publications that I would recommend to somebody interested in local history.

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Nothing Runs Like A Bean

Monongahela Valley Fire Department is featured in this 1948 ad for John Bean High Pressure Fog Fire Fighters!

Monongahela Fire Truck featured in 1948 issue of "Fire Engineering"
Monongahela Fire Truck featured in 1948 issue of "Fire Engineering"

“This John Bean High-Pressure Fog Fire Fighter, mounted on an International Truck chassis, was recently delivered to Monongahela Valley Fire Department, Monongaehla, Pa. John Bean Fire Fighters carry their own water supply – provide two guns of 50 gallons each – 850 pounds pump pressure. Delivered complete with all accessories.”