100 Years Ago Today: Cincinnati Mine Disaster – Day 2

The following article is from the April 24, 1913 edition of The Daily Republican. The lead story was about the huge explosion at the Cincinnati Mine in Courtney PA, just 2 miles from Monongahela. I didn't have time to transcribe this article but the image should be pretty easy to read:

Historical Society Meeting Speaker Scott Frederick Discusses Courtney PA Mine Disaster of 1913

"PITTSBURGH, Pa., April 23.---There are 120 known dead and 100 are believed to be entombed* tonight in the Cincinnati mine of the Pittsburgh Coal Company at Courtney, three miles from Monongahela, where an explosion of gas occurred shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon. Faint tappings against pipes and debris in the mine are plainly heard... Continue Reading →

I was doing a little research about the Cincinnatti Mine (Courtney PA) disaster that killed 97 miners 100 years ago and came across hand tinted picture of a coal miner on his way home from work.

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