Washington Wine Jazz And Pops Festival Aug. 4-5 At Mingo Park


A friend of mine notified me about the Washington Wine Jazz and Pops Festival August 4-5 in Mingo Park. Seven groups will be performing in addition to the Washington County Orchestra. Seven wineries and four food vendors and two jewelry and craft vendors will be participating. This is the second year for the event. Last year 1200 people attended and I expect many more will attend this year since the first event got great reviews. (Read this article about last years event in the Union Finley Messenger)

Improvements To Mingo Park Bicycle – Walking Trail

Washington County is making substantial improvements to Mingo Creek Park with the installation of a new trail alongside the main road in the park. Most of the trail is now paved with 4 new bridges to be installed as soon as weather permits.

Bicycling on the main park road has been unsafe for years with the lack of berms, sharp corners, limited sight distances (see photo 1) and no speed limit enforcement. It was safer to ride the huge berms along route 88. Cost of the improvements will amount to $546,000.

It’s money well spent considering that hundreds of people will use the trail all year-round. Compare that to the cost of the Aquatorium renovation which will cost $1,200,000 for a structure which is only used about three times a year when it isn’t under water or covered in mud.