Lent 1908 Style

THINGS TO QUIT: Gossiping. Fidgeting. Grumbling and Hairsplitting. Saying fate is against you. Finding fault with the weather. Going around with a gloomy face. Fault-finding, nagging and worrying. Taking offense where none is intended. Dwelling on fancied slights and wrongs. Taking big things and doing small ones. Scolding and flying into a passion over trifles.... Continue Reading →

Nothing Runs Like A Bean

Monongahela Valley Fire Department is featured in this 1948 ad for John Bean High Pressure Fog Fire Fighters! "This John Bean High-Pressure Fog Fire Fighter, mounted on an International Truck chassis, was recently delivered to Monongahela Valley Fire Department, Monongaehla, Pa. John Bean Fire Fighters carry their own water supply - provide two guns of... Continue Reading →

D.E. Gamble Elevator and Warehouse

Mr. Gamble was also a director for The First National Bank of Monongahela. Below is a larger picture showing the building. Well, what does the building look like 100 years later? The building has been altered but is easily recognizable. The wooden sign and roof structure have been removed. If you check out the larger... Continue Reading →

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