Chess Park Then and Now

I came across this old post card featuring Chess Park. This image was taken from the northeast corner looking west:

Chess Park looking west circa 1900.

The postcard wasn’t dated but my guess is that the picture was taken around 1900. I thought it would be fun to compare that image with what the park looks like today from the same vantage point:

Chess Park as it appears today looking west.

Here is the same picture only in color:

Chess Park as it appears today looking west - in color.
Chess Park as it appears today looking west – in color.
Chess Park aerial view
Chess Park aerial view – courtesy GoogleMaps

The park is still well maintained but wouldn’t it be great to bring this section of the park closer to its original appearance? You would just need to plant a few bushes then get some mulch and plant flowers inside the triangle. Probably isn’t a good idea to add bring a cannon back (don’t want kids playing on it). Maybe leave out the bushes to keep the open feeling with lower maintainance?  I bet the whole project could be done for around $100. What do you think?

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  1. Anyone remember the big turtles that used to live in the fountain there? Used to like to visit them when we were kids ..


  2. Great Postcard picture. It does “almost” look the same. Would be nice to see it the way it used to be.


  3. They were huge .. Kathy DeSantis left me a message saying boys were riding and tormenting them, making them bleed. Went down the road after that .. I was born in 52, and they were there when I was a young kid .. Probably in elementary school.


  4. What’s up with that cesspool that looks like a display at lowes?
    Where did that come from, was it suppose to be a fountain?


  5. Dan, Thank you for your site. I am related to the Tempest in Monongahela that had the Tempest Brick yard. They made fire brick and shapes. Some of which was used to line the steel mill furnaces. Many of my blood relatives are in the Monongahela cemetery. My mom was born in Homestead in 1909. It is sites like yours that keeps me in touch with my roots. I love the cards. After the first I will order a couple boxes.Maggie Boradori


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