Coal Miner On His Way Home From Work

Coal Miner On His Way Home From Work

I was doing a little research about the Cincinnatti Mine (Courtney PA) disaster that killed 97 miners 100 years ago and came across hand tinted picture of a coal miner on his way home from work.

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  1. I wonder if the man in the picture can be identified? If one assumes that the building in the background is where he lives, perhaps somebody out there can fill in some of the missing information.


  2. My great grandfather Walter Cullingford worked in the same mine. In fact he worked the shift before the explosion. He had just got home when someone pulled up in front of his house. He then went back to the mine with the fellow and assisted in trying to rescue any survivors. Shortly afterwards Walter gave up mining and worked at the Elizabeth locks. He was formerly a coal miner from England. He died in 1919.m


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